Who are we?

Hills is a dynamically developing production company based in Poland. The company specializes in the production of cargo safety equipment, and its products are widely used throughout Europe. Hills' specialization is the production of ratchet straps / tie-down straps and lifting slings.



The company has 14 weaving looms. We weave various types of webbings for ratchet straps and lifting slings from high-tenacity polyester yarn. We also use the same webbings for the production of towing straps.


Thanks to the investment in an automatic continuous dyeing line, we are completely independent of external webbings suppliers. On special order, we are able to produce webbings in any color.


Sewing department has 16 automatic sewing units, thanks to which we are able to meet large orders. The machines are designed for heavy sewing of even several layers of webbing.

Production of hooks

In our factory, we produce Double J-Hooks that are used in ratchet straps with a breaking force of 7.5kN, 10kN, 15kN, 20kN and 25kN.

Daily production potential


Ratchet straps


Lifting slings




Meters of webbing

Manufacturer of ratchet straps
and lifting slings

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